Countering the Coming Inflation

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3 min readJul 20, 2021


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Sahoja’s currency of kindness helps you spread kindness! The reality is that capitalism as it stands has created inequalities that perpetuate poverty and has made the few very, very wealthy. Sahoja is about alleviating poverty and introducing a new type of capitalism that benefits the many and not just the few.

The New York Times reported on July 13, 2001, that the Consumer Price Index spiked, climbing 5.4% in the year through June. Quick price gains can squeeze consumers if wages fail to keep up.

For people who are not well off and are at the “bottom of the economic pyramid” (BOP), inflation is a double whammy at this point in the economic cycle of the US. Why? Because it erodes the value of their hard-earned dollar and secondly, their savings earn a very low interest rate. BOP folks have generally not been participating in the stock market which has boomed during the last decade because of low interest rates. They have put their savings in bank deposits which earn negligible interest rates and could even have eroded in value below the principal amount.

Gold bar

So how can the BOP group generate and preserve wealth in this inflationary period? By investing in gold which has been used for millennia as a store of value. Gold prices since 2000 have appreciated 6 times and historically gold is the best asset to hold to counter inflation. Bank of America published a seminal report in April 2020 titled, ‘The Fed Can’t Print Gold.’ The US Federal Reserve was committing to do whatever it took to prevent widespread bankruptcies across the US with Congress injecting a $2 trillion fiscal stimulus plan, economic growth at a standstill until there was a cure or a vaccine, and inflation rising even if GDP does not. This backdrop should prove very positive for investing in gold in their view.

Another important point to remember is that, just as central banks are socializing risk in financial markets, governments are increasing their spending like never before during peacetime. Fiscal spending plans across developed economies are nothing short of breath-taking. All this will result in a continuing inflationary cycle. Hence, gold is a great hedge.

Gold is sold as coins, biscuits and bars which are expensive to buy. It is also available to buy in smaller amounts (grams) in one-off payments, but that doesn’t solve the problem of accumulating gold over long periods of time. People forget to keep buying and do not get into the habit of buying on a regular basis. Therefore, the best way to buy gold is on a subscription in small amounts that the average consumer can afford.

Sahoja wants to help to solve this problem, so please stay tuned for an important announcement coming very soon. Our causes are based on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, including poverty alleviation for those who need it most — those at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Our solution will be made available to only Sahoja members, so please join us. Membership is free with no risks or obligations, and it also comes with rewards. Learn more here and help us spread kindness to people and the planet!



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