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4 min readMay 17, 2021

MADE FREE® was born out of a desire for social reform and monumental change in an industry that could transform the lives of millions of people. This is the story of Brad and Katherine Jeffery and their vision of freedom for those working in the fashion industry. Join Sahoja in welcoming them as a member of our brand family.


After Brad’s return from travels in Africa and South Asia, he couldn’t shake the hunger to develop a business model to help the millions of people suffering from human trafficking, slavery and extreme poverty. As he shared his vision with friends and met his wife, Katherine (who shared his passion and heart for helping the least of these), it became increasingly clear to move forward to engage the fortunate few in helping the marginalized many.

Welcome to MADE FREE® a U.S. based social enterprise established to compete on the world stage in design and quality while serving as a vehicle for consumers to help create sustainable social reform.

Brad and Katherine Jeffery, Founders of MADE FREE®


The MADE FREE® model was designed to provide sustainable social reform — addressing the root cause of slavery (including human trafficking), poverty and the need for sustainable ethical jobs. Handouts of food, clothing, and water may help today, but don’t necessarily change the circumstances for tomorrow. To win the war on poverty, we need to address the core issues. For poverty to end, those who make our fashion need to make a livable wage.

Every purchase supports a day of freedom from human trafficking, slavery and poverty through a self-sustaining job. Providing a dignified, and empowered pathway out of extreme poverty while reducing the risk of being trafficked or enslaved. Every item is made in a factory that meets or exceeds the World Fair Trade Organizations (WFTO) standards.

Today, there are over 750 million people living in poverty*, many work in South Asia’s fast growing apparel industry. There are 40 million slaves in the world. 40% live in India. 70% are females.**

According to The World Bank* and The 2016 Global Slavery Index**


Our mission is for one million people to be made free through self-sustaining jobs. Every purchase you make gives hope and opportunity for a life made free.


Sustainability is important to us. From both a social and environmental standpoint. Our first priority is doing all that we can to help end the injustice of slavery and extreme poverty through sustainable ethical jobs. While at the same time using eco-friendly, organic and recycled materials where we can without compromising the quality, function and price our customers expect. We use 100% organic cotton canvas and the finest eco-friendly, vegetable tanned, biodegradable leather.

In addition, our life-time guarantee supports a limited, curated personal collection of fewer quality items and a reduction of what we discard. Reducing our fashion waste may be the most impactful thing we can do to improve our planet. Second to oil, the clothing and textile industry is the largest polluter in the world. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 84% of unwanted clothes in the United States end up in landfills or are burned. Together, we can change lives while protecting our planet.


Our products are handcrafted in small factory teams that are certified by the WFTO ( World Fair Trade Organization) or exceed WFTO standards.


We are a low profit social enterprise with a mission to provide life-changing jobs over profits.


Every MADE FREE® item is meticulously handcrafted from the finest materials by our crafters in a clean, safe team based environment. Crafters are trained to have the skills and tools necessary to construct the highest quality products that last. From cutting, stitching, and embossing there is great attention to detail. Our lifetime guarantee ensures accountability and a focus on quality over quantity.


All purchases carry a lifetime guarantee to be free of defects in materials and craftsmanship. A lasting investment in world change and reduced waste.

Sahoja is grateful to offer Made Free products in our ethical marketplace. Shop now to support Made Free’s life-changing mission and to help spread kindness.



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